jen (electric_heart) wrote in style_crew,

ok, so here's the question. i need advice, kinda..

first question.. should i get choppy bangs? like short messy ones? my side swept bangs get in the way. i get a lot of compliments on my hair, though. i dont know if i should cut them or what. *sighs*
heres the old pic.. so you get the jist of what i look like w/ bangs. i assure you they wouldn't look too much like that, now... the kind of bangs i want now are different. like i said, choppy/ messy.

and heres a recent pic of me. please excuse the funny facial expression! at least you can see the bangs good, hehe..

ok, my next question. i want to get inked. on my upper arm. would that make me look manly?
:-/ i want one but i dont want it to look manly... or make me look macho.
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