Your Modern Day Pinup Girl (50spinup) wrote in style_crew,
Your Modern Day Pinup Girl


Hiya, I'm new to the community, so I figured I would start out by posting a couple of pics. I'm Nikki, and I'm 18 years of age. I have tons more pics, if anyone wants to see more, just ask :) Oh yeah, I just dyed my hair the other day, it was changes quite often *lol*

This one is me

And this is me and my sister <3
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y'all are pretty
Thank you sweetie :)
you look almost exactly like gwen stefani in the second one.

your family is pretty.
Thank you muches and bunches!
hah yeah she does

and her sister is like, to quote an old tennis playing man from the fairfax country club, a "perpetual hard-on"
Ummm.... Thank you I think. *grins* I just joined so... yeah. :)
no some old reallly nice guy said it and he was totally unlike that
i was just hearing it again when i commented
it just means you're pretty too